One Week Charter


VOLOS (Marina) - OREOI (Small port) – SKIATHOS (Harbor, go before for a swim in Koukounaries beach) - ALONNISOS (Patitiri, go before for a swim in Stafylos beach) – SKOPELOS (Harbor, go before for a swim in Tzortzi beach) – SKOPELOS (Neo Klima, go before for a swim in Limnonari beach) – PALEO TRIKERI (go before for a swim in Tsougria beach) – VOLOS (Marina Friday till 17:00 and overnight).



Two Week Charter


VOLOS (Marina) - OREOI (Small port) – SKIATHOS (Harbor, go before for a swim in Tsougria beach) – SKOPELOS (Panormos beach, go before for a swim between Klima and Panormos beach) – PERISTERA (go before for a swim in Stafylos beach) - ALONNISOS (Patitiri, go before for a swim in Kokinokastro beach) - ALONNISOS (Agios Petros off shore overnight, go before for a swim in Agios Dimitrios on the south side) – SKYROS (Linaria, go before for a swim in Skantzoura islet) – SKANTZOURA (off shore overnight, go before for a swim in Sarakino beach in Skyros) - SKOPELOS (Harbor) – STENI VALA - SKOPELOS (Agnontas, go before for a swim in Limnonari beach) – PALEO TRIKERI (go before for a swim in Tsougria beach) – VOLOS (Marina, Friday till 17:00 and overnight).


- In Kokinokastro beach, you should pass by between the islet and the shore and not from the down side because there are reefs in this area.
- In Kira Panagia, the stern needs be on the north in order the ropes to steady the yacht and not anchor.
- In Tsougrias beach, there are shallow waters on the north-west side that you should mind.
- In Peristera island, you shouldn`t miss the shipwreck in Vasiliko.
- In Steni Vala, keep a distance of 2-2,5m from the shore due to very shallow waters.
- In Skantzoura, There numerous unmarked low lying islets and reefs at the entrance to Skantzoura bay. Entry to and exit from the bay after dark is dangerous.

ALONNISOSALONNISOS: Alonnisos or Khelidromi is part of the Sporades it has about 1,100 inhabitants and an area of 62 km2, and its tallest peak, Kavouli, is 470 m. It is a green island with many olive trees, fig trees, almond trees, etc. The main town in Alonnisos used to be Chora or Alonnisos until 1965 when it was destroyed by an earthquake.


KIRA PANAGIAKIRA PANAGIA: The island of Pelagos, sometimes referred to as Kyra-Panayia, is an uninhabited island. It has two very good anchorages: Planitis in the north-east and Kyra-Panayia in the south-west. Planitis is a large landlocked bay, surrounded by green vegetation. On the east side of the island there is an old, now abandoned, monastery. The whole island is the property of the Agia Lavra monastery in Mount Athos. It is also a sanctuary for marine mammals and birds, and fishing is prohibited. The organization for the preservation of the Mediterranean Seal, Monachus Monachus or as it is locally known, MOm operates out of Alonnisos. They operate an information pavilion in Patitiri, a seal rescue station in Gerakas, and a patrol boat that helps with the enforcement of the regulations of the marine sanctuary, also referred to as the Marine Park. The regulations prohibit any vessel to approach within 1 nM the islands of Piperi and Yura and allows anchorage only at Planitis and Kyra-Panayia in Pelagos and at Skantzoura.


KIMIKYMI: Kymi is a coastal town and a former municipality in the island of Euboea, Greece, named after an ancient Greek place of the same name. The ancient Euboean Kyme is mentioned as a harbor town related to the more prominent poleis of Chalkis and Eretria in antiquity. Together with these, it is sometimes named as the founding metropolis of the homonymous Kymē (Cumae) in Italy, an important early Euboean colony, which was probably named after it. There are few or no archaeological traces of ancient Euboean Kyme, and its exact location is not known. A Bronze Age settlement has been excavated in nearby Mourteri. Some modern authors believe that Kyme never existed as an independent polis in historical times but that it was a mere village dependent on either Chalkis or Eretria.

OREIOREI: Orei or Oreios is a pleasant little harbor on the North of the large island of Evia. Moor stern-to the mole or to the southern quay which has been extended. Yachts also go alongside the southern quay when it is not taken by fishing boats. It is also possible to anchor off. The harbor provides good protection from the meltemi but it is open to the W-NW.

PALEO TRIKERIPALEO TRIKERI: Paleo Trikeri is a small island with a delightful little harbor. If there is room, you can either moor side-to, stern-to, or anchor off. Warning: Be aware that you may have to move when either the ferry boat or the hydrofoil arrives. Ask when they are due.


PERISTERAPERISTERA: The island of Peristera or Peristeri or Xero is very lightly inhabited island just east of Alonnisos. There are three anchorages on the island and no facilities. Vasiliko: is a bay at the middle of the west side of the Peristera. The northern corner of the bay is well protected from the meltemi but is exposed to the south winds. The south corner offers some protection but you have to anchor at 15-20 m depth on weed. Bad holding. Vourlia: This cove, just south-west of Vasiliko, provides much better shelter from the south winds than Vasiliko. Anchor near the North coast and take a shore line to a rock on the south coast. Good holding on a mostly sand bottom. Here you will be totally isolated save for a large flock of seagulls that roost here. Peristera or Xero Bay - An isolated bay at the south of the island. Well protected from the meltemi but open to the south. This is maybe the most attractive anchorage in the region.


PSAROPOULIPSAROPOULI: Small part of north Evia.





SKANTZOURASKANTZOURA: The South side of Skyropoula is nice place for a temporary anchorage. There is very good spearfishing. Skantzoura is a small uninhabited island. The only structure on it is an old hermitage, now abandoned. It is a very pleasant if isolated place. The island is within the Marine Park which was established a few years ago to protect marine life and particularly the highly endangered Mediterranean seal. All fishing is strictly forbidden. Yachts can stay for only one night. The organization for the preservation of the Mediterranean Seal, Monachus Monachus or as it is locally known, MOm, patrols the Marine Park and enforces its regulations. There are three anchorages at Skantzoura bay, on the West side of the island that afford some protection from the meltemi. All are exposed to the West. The bottom is sand and weed and provides reasonable holding. For an overnight, it is best to get near the shore and take a shore line to a rock, in addition to the anchor.

SKIATHOSSKIATHOS: Skiathos is the most touristic island developed of the Sporades. By nature, Skiathos is a beautiful island, mountainous and very green, with large trees, and its reputed 62 beaches are of stunning beauty. Unfortunately very few have been left in their natural state. Most have been "developed" which translates into bars, blasting loudspeakers, umbrellas, cigarette buts, beach chairs, plastic wrappers and may other non-natural elements. The history of Skiathos is almost identical with the history of Skopelos. The small fort, Bourtzi, between the old and the new harbor was built by Venetian Gizzis.


SKOPELOSSKOPELOS: Skopelos is a very green mountainous island. There are many natural springs and about a fifth of the island is cultivated with olive groves, plum trees, almond, and orange trees. Its capital Skopelos or Chora, is also its main harbor and it is located on the NE of the island. Today tourism, which has become the island's main industry, has brought it a new affluence.


SKYROSSKYROS: Skyros is the most isolated island of the Sporades group, and as a result not too many yachts visit it. Today Skyros is renowned for its folk art and its Carnival. The largest town is Chora, or Skyros, which is built around the Venetian castle. It is about 10 km from the Linaria harbor. Native to Skyros is a rare species of small pony called Pikermic.


STENI VALASTENI VALA: Steni Vala is a small harbor, just across from Peristera Island. A flotilla operates from here during the summer months and the quay is crowded. It is an attractive place with a few tavernas. Go stern-to the quay. MOm has been operating their seal rescue center here but in 1999 they relocated it in Gerakas.


VOLOSVOLOS: Located at the north of the gulf, Volos is a major regional center with a population of more than 100,000 people. The city is the marine transport hub for Thessaly, Greece’s largest agricultural region, and a key ferry port for the holiday islands of the Northern Sporades. Cruise ships use the port as a base for visiting the Meteora monasteries and other local attractions.