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Conveniently arranged across the prevailing northerly breeze the Sporades group also offers short passages between islands. Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Peristeri and Skiros make up this magnificent group and although you won’t travel very far in two weeks you will centainly revel in the unique hospitality offered in this very self-reliant island group. Skiathos, easily reached by air or by car and ferry from Athens is the Seafarer Sailing base in Sporades.

The town of Skiathos is famous for its excellent restaurants and the island is one of the few in Greece that can boast white sandy beaches. The prevailing northern wind, the meltemi, is less pronounced in the Sporades than it is further south, and the passage making it easy. Alternatively you could venture further afield to the Halkidiki peninsular, with its golden beaches, pine-covered hills and monasteries clinging to the slopes of Mt. Athos. The ride back to Skiathos will make for some exhilarating sailing.

Volos Base is available too for starting your charter if you are planning on going to the Sporades area. Volos has an airport nearby the marina which is a great advantage in order to get to Sporades easily.

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