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Charter Procedures

Below you can find the booking procedure in every step till the day you charter

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Charter Procedures

Booking Procedure for Direct Clients:
Below you can find the booking procedure in every step till the day you charter.

Once you send your request, you will soon receive a reply email with our detailed offer as per current charter availabilities.

Once you inform us that you are interested in a specific model from our offer, we will place an option on the Yacht for a few days in order to secure availability and give you the time to discuss with your Crew all needed details and make your final decision.

As soon as you send us in written the Booking Confirmation, we will prepare and send you the Charter Contract as well as the Payment Details. At this time, we also require your full contact details.
Within a week time we request the Charter Contract signed and returned to us as well as the Advanced Payment, 50% of the total Charter fees. From the moment we receive the prementioned, your booking is 100% secured in our System. You may process payment via bank transfer by using one of the below Bank Accounts or with credit card via our website at Just have in mind that in case you pay via credit card, a surcharge of 1,4%-3,5% (depending on the bank) will be required due to bank expenses.

George Orphanos -Seafarer Sailing Ltd.
155 branch Eden Mare, Greece, Poseidon’s Ave. 73, 17562, Swift code: CRBAGRAAXXX
IBAN : GR 52 0140 1550 1890 0200 2001 406 or

George Orphanos -Seafarer Sailing Ltd.
Branch 0142 Kalamakiou, Greece,
IBAN : GR 12 0260 1420 0009 7020 0440 109

In Greece, in order to charter a yacht by yourself one sailing license is required and it must be sent to us along with the booking confirmation.
The license must be in English language or officially translated and suitable for the specific yacht.
Day skipper license is not accepted by the Greek authorities.
In addition, the skipper is obliged to keep on board an updated authorized crew list at all times.

In case you want to hire a skipper, there is no need for you to have any license. When skipper or hostess is required, it is compulsory to have their own cabin.

From this moment and on we will provide you a full service for your Sailing holidays, so you may contact us anytime for any further specification or extra services you may need. For example: Taxi or Mini Bus transfer to the marina and vice versa, hotel reservation, car rental, ferry tickets, super market/shopping for your charter, any kind of information about visiting Greece etc. Each case is unique, so just contact us and we will advise accordingly!

One-month prior embarkation, you will receive an email reminding you the Balance Payment of your charter. Payment options remain the same as on advanced payment which are already mentioned above.

Along with this email we will send / request the following information:
• Base Information containing all contact details.
• Crew List Form will also be forwarded to you and we would kindly ask you to send it back to us fulfilled.
• A copy of the Skipper’s Sailing License and you must bring with you the original one on the embarkation day.
• Furthermore, we will ask you to inform us about your exact arrival time as well as a mobile number that will be valid in Greece and if you need transfer from the Airport to the Marina.

In case you want us to arrange your provisions, we will in time provide you with a shopping list which you will have to fulfill and we will send your order to the Super Market. Your shopping will be delivered directly to your Yacht upon your arrival and you will have to pay in cash upon delivery!

On Embarkation day, as per Contract, you can start the check in procedure at 17:00.

In case the Yacht is ready earlier we will offer her, but we can never promise in advance. Before the check in procedure, you will meet us at the base, as per the information document we have sent you, in order to make the needed Paper work for Embarkation Authorization.

There you will have to sign 5 copies of your Charter Contract which is needed for the Port Police Authorities. Furthermore, we will require the Refundable Deposit amount as agreed upon Booking Confirmation.

VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted in all bases. This amount will be blocked on your credit card for the Charter duration period and will be released when the Yacht is returned back to her base with no damages caused.

In case you would like the Non Refundable Deposit, then please inform us upon booking confirmation and we will issue an Insurance Contract for you. In this case, upon your arrival, you will have to pay the agreed amount in cash. This amount is not refunded no matter if the Yacht has damages or not.

It’s up to each client’s will to choose between the above Deposit options.

After all the paper work is completed, we will arrange for you a transfer to the Supermarket so as you may buy the provisions you need for starting your trip. Skipper can meanwhile start the check in procedure. We always insist on focusing on the procedure and try to solve any question you may have regarding the Yacht’s equipment and her functions so as you minimize the options of facing difficulties while sailing.

The final step is to provide you with a mobile number where you may contact us 24 hours long in case of any problem while your Sailing trip. You will then fulfill an Acceptance Statement for the condition of the Yacht. There you may state any comments you have regarding the service we have provided so far.
The check out is arranged for Saturday (or any day as per contract) at 09:00 in the morning, provided that you will be back at the Marina max by Friday (the day before your check out day) at 18:00 in the afternoon. We kindly ask you to inform us via telephone call for your approximate arrival time so that we can arrange the Technician Team to be alert and help you moor the Yacht.

Return time max by 17:00 the day before your check out day is a “must” as we need it to be daylight so that our Team can technically check the Yacht.

Ending with, you will fulfill a Redelivery Statement which is the feedback from the Yacht and your sailing vacation in general. There you will have the possibility to state any comments you want regarding the Yacht’s condition and Seafarer’s service.

The amount of the Refundable deposit will be released if there are no damages caused during your charter. In case you have caused damages on the Yacht or there is any equipment missing, you will be accordingly charged. You may pay in cash the agreed amount, or via credit card plus bank expenses.

Finally, if you want us to, we will arrange for you a Taxi or Mini Bus transfer to the airport or even a Daily Tour if you have an evening flight.

We hope you will enjoy every moment of your Sailing Holidays!

Charter Types

Seafarer Sailing offers you Yacht Charters in Greece, providing bareboat & crewed yacht charters.

New Yachts

Bareboat Yacht Charter

Experiencing Yacht Charter, one of the most exciting holiday possibilities worlwide, in the Greek islands will be an unforgettable experience.


Crewed Yacht Charter

If your dreams are endowed with too much imagination and you would like to be served dinner by candlelight under the stars or breakfast in the morning sun, then do not despair, Greece offers such a holiday.

Corporate Yacht Charter

Luxury yacht charters are not simply confined to the likes of families, couples, and groups of friends seeking an exceptional holiday. Corporate charters see some of the world’s true luxury yachts open their decks to companies looking for a way to entertain clients, reward employees, or host business activities. 

Corporate yacht charters have become increasingly popular with executives looking to organize important meetings or close a business deal away from the distractions of the office. A charter yacht provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships with clients and suppliers in complete comfort.

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