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“Sailing a Yacht” without being a qualified Sailor

Are you interested in a Sailing Vacation but you don`t acquire a sailing license? 
We can make your dream come true and enjoy the experience of a lifetime by providing you a professional Skipper to sail the Yacht of your preference. In addition, if you want to totally escape the routine, you may also choose a Hostess or a Cook and have your meals ready and the Yacht clean and tidy.
So, you can already start planning!

Want to Cruise the Aegean?


Book with us any of the below Crewed Palmyra Yachts and make your dream come true!
Now offered at discounted price for May, June, September and October.
For confirming available dates, kindly contact us directly at  and
…Start already planning your Summer Vacation!

Catamarans Vs Monohull


The comfort of a catamaran or the experience of a monohull?

All in all, it is obvious that the beauty of, and choice of, multi vs monohull is in the eye of the beholder. However, although multi's may look a little strange at first glance, you should investigate their inner beauty and space.

Welcoming 2014 Season

wecome 2014 seasonAfter so many years that SEAFARER SAILING is established in the Greek Charter Market we want to welcome you to our 30th Charter Season.

With our new website launching, we are ready for the 2014 season, always trying to keep on being one of the most reliable Agencies for all our partners and clients around the world despite the current worldwide financial situation.

From all the yachts that Greek Charter Market has to offer, we only select and work with the Best Equipped ones and those who have been excellent maintained! The Yacht Variety offered may satisfy all price budgets as well as demanding clients. Our devoted and experienced team is always at your disposal by offering the best service from the very first moment of the charter inquiry until the charter’s completion.

See you for the 2014 season in sunny Greece filled with beautiful beaches and people, having the best sailing vacation of your lifetime!