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The ultimate sailing experience in Halkidiki



Experience an unforgettable, unique, joyful vacation; different than what you are used to. Explore all the amazing beaches, have fun at the local beach bars and of course enjoy magical quiet moments where your only company is the wind and the waves.
Halkidiki area is the perfect way to mix the art of sailing with lazy days of swimming and beach going, sitting in lively restaurants and enjoying amazing moments of relaxation under the starlit sky. Full of scenic beaches and enjoy the breathtaking sunset.
Eat fresh fish during your overnight in the ancient natural harbor of Porto Koufo, enjoy your morning coffee at the Porto Carras Resort and snorkel at the turquoise waters of Kelyfos island.
A unique and joyful trip that turns to an experience of a lifetime!


Kindly note that we offer our yachts on our Central Agency Fleet at a very special discount of up to -25% for the dates 1/3-31/5/19!!!

You can find below our online booking plans for up to date bookings and options.

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We are proud to announce a new addition to our Central Agency fleet – the Sun Odyssey 509 2012 built. She combines timeless design, exceptional seaworthiness and unmatched comfort. Her layout is 5 cabins + 1 skipper`s cabin, 3 WC and is registered for 12 persons.

“Sailing a Yacht” without being a qualified Sailor

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Are you interested in a Sailing Vacation but you don`t acquire a sailing license?
We can make your dream come true and enjoy the experience of a lifetime by providing you a professional Skipper to sail the Yacht of your preference.
In addition, if you want to totally escape the routine, you may also choose a Hostess or a Cook and have your meals ready and the Yacht clean and tidy.
So, you can already start planning!
Below you may find some useful information and costs for those services.

The Skipper can be described as the heart of the vessel as he is responsible for the Yacht, the Crew’s safety and takes care of everything related to it.
His job not only concerns the serious work on board, but it can also involve his recommendation on interesting itineraries, taking you to all the hidden gems along the route and giving you all useful information you will need in order to explore the areas you are visiting. He also won’t forget to give you gastronomic tips for tasting the traditional cuisine around the islands.
While your charter, he will be willing to show you the ropes, the sails and give you any kind of sailing information if you’re willing to learn, and together with him you may plan the ideal itinerary for you and, weather permitted, visit the islands you have always wished to.
FEES: €1.050 per week plus food provision
If you want to upgrade your sailing experience in a higher service level, a hostess is what you need!
Her daily duties are to make the shopping, prepare your breakfast and a light lunch based in the Mediterranean flavors. Dinners you may enjoy at the taverns/restaurants on the islands you will be moored for overnighting.
Furthermore, she will clean around and keep the Yacht tidy for you!
Before your charter starts you will be requested to fulfill a Provisions List so that the Hostess can do the shopping in advance and have everything well prepared at the Yacht. Once you arrive at the marina you may embark directly and she will have arranged all details!
FEES: €910 per week plus food provision
The Cook`s duty is to freshly prepare all your meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and do the needed shopping while your charter! This is s a full day job that`s why the Cook doesn’t do any cleaning on the Yacht apart from the galley. The Cook is able to multi-task effectively, provision independently, provide fantastic meals in a galley that often is limited in space and storage.
FEES: €1.050 per week plus food provision
Have in mind that while your charter you would be responsible for providing the Professional Crew with their meals. You have either the possibility to ask the to join your meals or alternative you may give them a small amount so as they can take care of it by themselves, as you prefer better!