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The ultimate sailing experience in Halkidiki



Experience an unforgettable, unique, joyful vacation; different than what you are used to. Explore all the amazing beaches, have fun at the local beach bars and of course enjoy magical quiet moments where your only company is the wind and the waves.
Halkidiki area is the perfect way to mix the art of sailing with lazy days of swimming and beach going, sitting in lively restaurants and enjoying amazing moments of relaxation under the starlit sky. Full of scenic beaches and enjoy the breathtaking sunset.
Eat fresh fish during your overnight in the ancient natural harbor of Porto Koufo, enjoy your morning coffee at the Porto Carras Resort and snorkel at the turquoise waters of Kelyfos island.
A unique and joyful trip that turns to an experience of a lifetime!


Kindly note that we offer our yachts on our Central Agency Fleet at a very special discount of up to -25% for the dates 1/3-31/5/19!!!

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We are proud to announce a new addition to our Central Agency fleet – the Sun Odyssey 509 2012 built. She combines timeless design, exceptional seaworthiness and unmatched comfort. Her layout is 5 cabins + 1 skipper`s cabin, 3 WC and is registered for 12 persons.

Sailing Holidays in Greece

Greece and the Greek Islands have an irresistible mystique that is hard to explain. Perhaps it is the history, the marvelous climate or the warm hospitality of its people that portrays this image.

For the sailing enthusiast, it is all the above plus the eternal intimacy between Greece and the sea. Sailing the Greek Islands conjures visions of deep blue skies, clear azure waters, breathtaking scenery, white villages, wonderful nightlife and dining in seaside tavernas. Sailing in Greece is not only possible but affordable.

A yacht charter in Greece costs no more than a holiday in a hotel room on land. You can experience the magic of Greece on your floating villa, cruise the hundreds of miles of picturesque, unspoiled and uncrowded coastline, and cool off with a swim in sparkling clear waters. Over 100 perfectly maintained and equipped yachts, from 31 to 61 feet are waiting for you at 8 locations to enjoy independent or skippered sailing in the best cruising area of the Mediterranean Seas. Consider the options available to you for sailing these timeless waters and then come to Seafarer for the choice that no one else offers.