Crewed Yacht

If your dreams are endowed with too much imagination and you would like to be served dinner by candlelight under the stars or breakfast in the morning sun, then do not despair, Greece offers such a holiday.

Charter a Crewed Yacht in Greece of Luxury cruising, Sailing or traditional style. The choices of Yachts are huge, the price range is immense and the itinerary open for you to choose.

The Yachts we offer excel in performance and facilities.

We have Luxury Yachts and Yachts for budget-minded.

It is not Pollyanna to say that each yacht and crew offer something special and unique. And it is our job how to locate that fine detail that will make the difference to our Client.

The Yachts selected and presented below are specially chosen for their ability to offer accommodation, crews and cuisine that meet the highest international standards.

Crewed Yacht Charter Greece: motor sailers
Crewed Yacht Charter Greece: motor yachts
Crewed Yacht Charter Greece: sailing yachts

All Available Yachts

SANJANA – 107 ft

POUARO – 90 ft

DREAM B – 99 ft

PALMYRA – 42 ft

KALLIKRATIS – 56 ft Monohull

NEW HORIZONS II - 50 ft Catamaran

KEPI – 52 ft Catamaran

SERENE – 68 ft

ANASSA – 62 ft Catamaran

LOULOU – 68 ft

VENTO – 75 ft

MELI – 68 ft

THEA MALTA – 86 ft

BLU SKY – 88 ft

LET IT BE – 118 ft

PALMYRA II – 57 ft
DADDY`S HOBBY – 56 ft Catamaran

PARIS A – 115 ft

SOLARIS – 90ft

DUKE – 103 ft

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